Film Projects

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Lost Origin Productions is editing hours of footage to create short webisodes of interviews, musical performances, and interesting locations from around the world.

 Memories of the Missing  is a short film edited to raise awareness for missing Syrian Bishops, Mor Gregorius Yohanna Ibrahim of the Syriac Orthodox Church and bishop Boulos Yazigi of the Greek Orthodox Church. The video includes exclusive interview footage, audio recordings and photographs from the Lost Origin archives. May the return safely 

The Jumblat Palace
Aleppo, Syria

Lost Origin Productions discovered the legendary Jumblat house in 2008. Jason Hamacher was on assignment looking for a forgotten synagogue in the back streets of Aleppo, Syria’s Bashita neighborhood. Looking for directions he walked down several steps and knocked on an iron security door. A very tired man greeted him through the door, and after Hamacher showed the man his camera, entry was granted. The palatial house once belonged to the governor of Aleppo in the late 1500’s. It’s now in shambles and was split in half and sold in parts. Rumor has it that the Emir of Kuwait bought the other half and has restored the property to full grander.