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Cluu Design

Logo/ Identity Design:
www.CluuDesign.com – CluuDesign is one America’s top boutique design and illustration studios. They are amazing to work with and their design is always elegant and flawless.


Memory Cards:
www.lexar.com/dp/ – Lexar supplied 4GB, 2GB 133x Pro Compact Flash cards for Hamacher’s cameras, 2GB 133x Secure Digital cards for the Zoom H4 recorders, and a RW024-001 Professional Firewire CF Reader.


www.lowepro.com – Lowepro supplied the Vertex 300 AW and SlingShot 300 AW bags to protect Hamacher’s gear against the rough and tumble of the Syrian steppe.


Recording Gear:
www.samsontech.com – Samson supplied Zoom H4 recorders, CL8 microphones, and microphone stands for field recordings in Syria.

Visible Dust

Cleaning Supplies:
www.visibledust.com – VisibleDust supplied the Arctic Butterfly, SensorLoupe, and cleaning supplies to keep Hamacher’s digital equipment free of Syrian dust.